lover of jesus, Free people ,Blue bottle coffee and long sunset drives

Behind the Lens

First, I’d love to start by saying I am so honored and thrilled you are here. I’m beyond stoked that you have found me. My name is Mady Hare (you probably know me as Madison.) I am a local photographer specializing in Wedding Photography here in the state of California . My favorite place to relax is in Palm Springs — sippin’ on a margarita with my besties.

But above all, I am a daughter of a God.
He has completely taken hold of me, and I have an identity in Him. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world I get to chase my dreams all for Gods glory. I couldn't be more thankful to capture you most precious moments. 

I am who He Says I am 

call me Mady



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than any other

I already want to be your friend. If life isn’t meant for connection and relationships then I don’t want any part of it. I crave depth, real talk, being lead by the spirit, traveling beyond my comfort and living outside of boundaries. I don’t think a picture stops on paper. These are moments that you'll cherish until the end of time. My purpose is not only to capture those beautiful moments but preserve the feel you felt in that right then. Your moments mean something to me. I vow to you to always capture you for who you are. 

What makes me

If life isn’t meant for connection and relationships then.




my priority and my biggest devotion

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and I vow to you, if you will, to give you All of me 

My couples will forever be